Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about 64Smiles and how it works.

What is 64Smiles?

64Smiles is a special website that makes it really easy to share old family photos totally privately and safely. It’s a lovely way to show your treasured memories to loved ones wherever they may be.

The site is designed with a unique twist, displaying your photos in a beautiful family tree structure to bring your family’s rich history to life.

Click here to join 64cousins today and start sharing your treasured old photos with family.

How does it work?

Created to be so simple to use – just login from any phone, tablet or computer. Add relatives to your family tree, upload photos, tag your relatives in them and the system does the rest.

Invite loved ones to view your beautiful photo family tree, to add comments, memories and stories. They can add their own photos to the collection and in this way perhaps you will see photos you have never seen before.

How do I add my old photos?

3 simple steps, snap, add and tag. If your photos are in printed form, just take a snap with your phone, then add them to the system and finally tag the people in them – that’s it. If they are already on your phone or computer, even easier, just add and tag in seconds.

The system will organise instantly and will display your photos in your beautiful photo family tree.

See how it works with our quick start guide.

Why not use a big social media site?

The site was created as we were looking for a safe and private way to share our old family photos. Existing sites like Facebook and Instagram just didn’t give enough privacy and with Whatsapp it was too easy to lose valuable comments amongst a sea of new messages.

64cousins is totally private – you choose who sees your photos. Best of all, it is a lovely way to connect with family all over the World to create a truly full collection of old photos and comments.

Are my photos safe and private?

Security and privacy are vital and key to the purpose of the site. Any photos you share remain 100% your property and you have total control over who sees them. Delete them in an instant if you choose.

We take safety seriously and only those invited can login. Only those linked such as direct or extended family can view and only photos you have chosen to share will be shown.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free to join and to use all it’s features. Add unlimited relatives to your tree, add unlimited photos and share with as many family and friends as you like.

Just one more thing we ask, please let us have your feedback and suggestions for improvement. We want the site to be a real community and with your input we can make it a really lovely thing.

join 64Smiles today and start sharing your treasured photos with loved ones

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